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 Our Vision

To pursue the perfect cup of coffee while empowering our partners to serve the best cup of coffee possible. We strive to include everyone on this journey, leaving no one behind.

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Cold Brew

In 2019, Rolling Hills Cold Brew was founded by Sam, who began brewing cold brew coffee in his college dorm room. After receiving positive feedback from his roommate and teammates, Sam began selling his homemade cold brew on campus by carrying bottles in his backpack. The coffee was an instant hit and caught the attention of the campus Food Service company, who allowed Sam to start brewing in their dining hall and sell his product at the campus cafe.


With such success, Sam expanded the business and began selling his cold brew at both USF and UWF convenience stores. The popularity of Rolling Hills Cold Brew stems from its smooth and sweet taste, allowing customers to enjoy it without adding cream and sugar.

Farm To Cup

In the spring of 2022, Rolling Hills Cold Brew founder, Sam, recognized the need for specialty coffee in dining halls after tasting a cup of dining hall coffee. He wasted no time and produced his first pound of coffee in July 2022. With positive feedback from university officials, Sam initiated the "Farm to Cup Program."


To make the program a success, Sam talked to students across the country to understand their coffee preferences in dining halls. He also traveled around the country to converse with food service providers about how to create the most efficient coffee program. Rolling Hills distinguishes itself by upholding fundamental principles of ethical sourcing and providing high-quality coffee.


Despite running the company out of his college dorm room, Sam has managed to get Rolling Hills into broadline distribution and self-distribution, making it available nationwide.

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