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Coffee Beans

RH Standard

At Rolling Hills Coffee, we are committed to creating a sustainable and ethical supply chain. We strongly believe that everyone involved in our supply chain deserves to share in our success. Our commitment to ethical sourcing goes beyond just being certified by a third-party organization. We take the extra step to ensure that the places we source from are left better than we found them.

To make sure that our coffee meets the highest standards of quality and ethics, every batch goes through a rigorous background process before it can be sold with the Rolling Hills brand on it. Our dedication to ethical sourcing and transparency is a crucial part of our commitment to providing exceptional coffee to our customers.

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Fair Wage

At Rolling Hills Coffee, we guarantee fair compensation for everyone in our coffee supply chain, regardless of whether we purchase from importers or farms. Our unwavering dedication to ethical practices creates a positive impact on the lives of farmers and pickers involved in the production of our coffee.


We carefully vet our third-party importers for traceability and impact to make a greater impact and maintain quality. Our responsible partnerships contribute to improving the coffee supply chain.

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Farm Investment

Our importers have years of experience in the coffee industry, adopting best farming practices and bringing them to underserved farms, elevating their coffee from commodity to specialty grade. 

Community Improvement

When coffee crops are elevated from commodity level to specialty grade and farmers are paid a living wage, farming communities can flourish with additional economic support. This can lead to increased employment, higher school enrollment, and an overall improvement in the quality of life.

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